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About Us

Cyber Sheets The Inspiration

CyberSheets was born out of the frustration of constantly paying an arm and leg for different forms of software and applications. Fortunately we stumbled on the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and quickly realized the power of this platform. Through custom coding we realized we could replicate the same functionality as other software directly in Excel. Thus, came the initial inspiration for CyberSheets- to offer premium functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Today CyberSheets has grown into many different applications. At the core of any spreadsheet is the organization it provides. From tracking progress of goals, to organizing personal finances, to implementing schedules and diet plans- the applications of Cybersheets are endless. Our goal is to provide our end users with a tool that clarifies their task at hand, organize their thoughts, and ulitmately help achieve results.


Great supplement to my investing routine. Recommended for investors of all levels.

James Graves